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Some Pests That Are Known to Cause Damage

There are more than 90,000 known species of insects in the U.S. alone. Not all those species are harmful. In fact, they’re good for nature. But a few numbers of them are harmful not directly to the environment, but to homes and health of individuals.

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These insects we know as pests can be lurking in our houses without our knowledge. Like us, they too need shelter, food, and water. But unfortunately, they sometimes think they can take over our home. This can be a problem because while being inside our home, they can damage our interiors and even exteriors in the process. We’ll have to spend money having them repaired as well as getting rid of the ones who caused them. Not only that, they can carry with them harmful diseases and infect humans. This article lists some of these crawling pests from the smallest in size to the biggest. Read on to know more.

Indoor Ants

How would you feel if there is an army of ants marching to your dining table? Ants might not physically harm the house, they can be a nuisance to see. In addition, they can infect the food you eat even your drinks because they walk on just about any type of surface. If they previously walked outside on your dog’s poo and happen to reach your dining table and wanted a share of your food, then that would be a problem. That’s an understatement. It would be a huge problem. You will acquire germs and not to mention, gross.


These guys can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on repairs alone. Worse, the damages they incur are not covered by insurance. Ouch. Managing termites should not be handled by your own. A professional will be able to determine the type of termite present in your home and use the best tactic and products to safely eliminate them. Fortunately, instruments for termite control have improved and gotten more secure throughout the years. If you see a single termite in your house, it’s best to call the professionals right away.

Rodents and Mice

Rats and mice are known destroyers. They reproduce fast too. They’re pretty much like cockroaches which can carry a lot of diseases. They’re just bigger. Which means, they can destroy your wires, clothes, furniture, and everything they think worthy of destroying, faster. It has been found out that one tiny house mouse can excrete 3,000 microdroplets of pee per day. This pee contains a large group of infectious pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. It can easily end up on your kitchen counters, floors, cabinets, and everywhere else. Snaps, traps, and poison may work if you only have a few of them. If you think you have a lot, then it’s best to call the experts.

Although they are not the best companions to have, pests can sometimes be inevitable. If you think you have them in your home, contact Cary pest control asap.

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Insects and Bugs That Can Damage Your Home

Bug, insects, and other pests are almost always victorious at attacking our homes. All things considered, arthropods (scientific cluster of insects and crustaceans) are the most assorted and prosperous living beings on the planet. In fact, a few creatures have advanced alongside human beings, really getting to be authorities at living off our push off fortunes. Regardless of that, we still know so minimal about them.

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However much we dislike it, we can’t deny the fact that some of them might be living in our homes too. That makes them unwelcomed guests or roommates. Here we listed a rundown of some insects and bugs that can damage the structure of your home and its value. You read it right. If these insects are left untreated, the damage they cause will cost you a large amount of money just to get fixed. Not to mention, you have to address them as well. Even if they don’t damage your property, they can bring about diseases or other conditions. Definitely not great. Here are some insects that ought to be addressed.

Indoor Ants

Compared to other ants, indoor ants may not harm your home physically, however, they lessen the joy of living there. In addition, they walk on any surface. Which means they can come from the trash can and onto your dining table. Which also means, they can carry and bring harmful diseases to you and your family. Since not all ants are the same, knowing what type exists in your home or outside will help determine the strategy of eliminating them.


Whatever the type of cockroach is, they are in general harmful and repulsive. They can cause diseases and allergies in some people. When a cockroach crawls slowly, chances are, it’s either laying eggs, defecating, or peeing. Cockroaches also shed their skin. These sheddings or feces are what causes allergies. Whatever it is they’re doing, you need not guess. They’re all harmful and disgusting to even think about. A cockroach or two is probably okay. You can take care of it on your own. More than that, chances are they are reproducing. In no time, you’ll see an army of them. It’s best to contact the experts in pest control right away.

Bed Bugs

Nobody likes to sleep on a bed or an inn infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs are not necessarily known to bring about illnesses. Their existence is just exceptionally unwanted because first, they cause dirtying of sheet material, home, and furniture. Second, they feed on you. Ever had that red patch or patches on your skin when you know you don’t have mosquitos around? Bed bugs might be the culprit. In other countries, they carry diseases. They can be altogether unappealing. Should you want to sell your house and the potential buyer hears about the bed bug situation, chances are he or she might back out.

These are only some of the many pests that can cause damage to your property and your health. Avoid this from happening by hiring a professional. Rockhill pest control can always control common pests.

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Different Pests That Can Cause Damage

A study conducted in North Carolina tried to assess and measure the number of existing insect species that can be present in houses. Different houses were inspected for both living and dead pests. At the entirety of the search, more than 500 species were found. Now that is a staggering number.

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Some of the types of insects in this article can be found in those 500 species. But this list is mainly about the top insects or pests that can damage homes, houses, and other structures if left unattended. Let’s get to know some of them.


Annually, termites cause more than $5 billion of harm to different properties in the whole U.S. as indicated by the National Pest Management Association. Furthermore, damages brought about by termites are normally not secured by the mortgage holder’s insurance. Termite control isn’t for novices. An expert can enable you to recognize the species you are battling and utilize efficient control to protect your house. Fortunately, tools and strategy for termite management have gotten better and safer throughout the years. So, in the event that you discover termites in your house, there’s no better way to do than contact the professionals in pest or termite control.

Rodents and mice

Indeed, rodents and mice are probably the most harmful and damaging vermin around. Compromise over them at your very own danger. Truly, never underestimate their power. It’s examined that a solitary little house mouse excretes about 3,000 microdroplets of urine per day. This urine, which houses a large group of pathogenic and infectious microorganisms will go wherever the mice travel. Surfaces like floors, kitchen counters, flatware drawers, and the cupboard will not be spared. Their bigger rodent cousins, the rooftop and Norway rodents, do the same as they do but adds some feces in the process. They are equipped to spread salmonella and different ailments. Rodents and mice aren’t great for your home too. They will damage just about anything they can get their tiny hands on, even your clothes. They can chew on your wires and contaminate insulation.

Carpenter ants

These types of ants are major pests in different parts of the U.S. While they don’t eat wood, the well-built jaws of carpenter ants are completely equipped for emptying out a strong pine or fir timber to make homes and nests. Some species don’t prefer doing this. Instead, they keep away from the diligent work of drilling into wood and sustain themselves by living in void zones inside empty entryways like doors or windows and behind the insulation unit. In any case, these ants are viewed as wood destroyers in many states and are declarable on real estate exchanges. Once they’re inside the house, these ants can be a serious aggravation when they search inside trying to find water and food especially desserts.

Pests have always been a problem. We see them as such and call them as such because they can cause damage to our properties and negatively affect our health. Should you have any pest in your home, Concord pest control can help you manage them.

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