A study conducted in North Carolina tried to assess and measure the number of existing insect species that can be present in houses. Different houses were inspected for both living and dead pests. At the entirety of the search, more than 500 species were found. Now that is a staggering number.

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Some of the types of insects in this article can be found in those 500 species. But this list is mainly about the top insects or pests that can damage homes, houses, and other structures if left unattended. Let’s get to know some of them.


Annually, termites cause more than $5 billion of harm to different properties in the whole U.S. as indicated by the National Pest Management Association. Furthermore, damages brought about by termites are normally not secured by the mortgage holder’s insurance. Termite control isn’t for novices. An expert can enable you to recognize the species you are battling and utilize efficient control to protect your house. Fortunately, tools and strategy for termite management have gotten better and safer throughout the years. So, in the event that you discover termites in your house, there’s no better way to do than contact the professionals in pest or termite control.

Rodents and mice

Indeed, rodents and mice are probably the most harmful and damaging vermin around. Compromise over them at your very own danger. Truly, never underestimate their power. It’s examined that a solitary little house mouse excretes about 3,000 microdroplets of urine per day. This urine, which houses a large group of pathogenic and infectious microorganisms will go wherever the mice travel. Surfaces like floors, kitchen counters, flatware drawers, and the cupboard will not be spared. Their bigger rodent cousins, the rooftop and Norway rodents, do the same as they do but adds some feces in the process. They are equipped to spread salmonella and different ailments. Rodents and mice aren’t great for your home too. They will damage just about anything they can get their tiny hands on, even your clothes. They can chew on your wires and contaminate insulation.

Carpenter ants

These types of ants are major pests in different parts of the U.S. While they don’t eat wood, the well-built jaws of carpenter ants are completely equipped for emptying out a strong pine or fir timber to make homes and nests. Some species don’t prefer doing this. Instead, they keep away from the diligent work of drilling into wood and sustain themselves by living in void zones inside empty entryways like doors or windows and behind the insulation unit. In any case, these ants are viewed as wood destroyers in many states and are declarable on real estate exchanges. Once they’re inside the house, these ants can be a serious aggravation when they search inside trying to find water and food especially desserts.

Pests have always been a problem. We see them as such and call them as such because they can cause damage to our properties and negatively affect our health. Should you have any pest in your home, Concord pest control can help you manage them.